Charlotte is a complex woman. Throughout her life everyone has left her; friendships and relationships have always been temporary. This has caused Charlotte to develop a deep need to control the narrative by any means necessary. She becomes involved in witchcraft because it provides her with the sense of power she craves, but not without a price. She struggles to keep her emotions in check as she aims to regain control of the situation. Her emotions eventually become her driving force and havoc ensues, for “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.



Carmen is the High Priestess of a coven of witches whose sole purpose is to acquire as much power from The Dark Lord as possible. She recruits new souls by portraying herself as a kind and benevolent person who is eager to help unsuspecting women with life challenges. Little does she realize that in her unrelenting drive to obtain this power, she is about to meet her match. 


Noah is the kind of husband any woman would dream of. He is fiercely loyal and would do anything to protect his loved ones. In his heart he feels like he has failed Charlotte in some way. What he doesn't know is how far Charlotte is willing to go to save their marriage. Events are set in motion and Noah unknowingly walks into what is to become his ultimate nightmare.  


Emma is the kind-hearted, cheerful ballroom dance teacher that gets caught up in Carmen's game. she has danced her entire life but came to ballroom for the beauty of ballroom dancing. her world revolves around the studio but a chance encounter leads her to face terrors she would never dream of.  

Witch #1

"spunky", being the youngest and newest witch, is strictly kept around for amusement. She is extremely  impressionable and loves the dark side.  Carmen could never see her as being a permanent fixture in the coven.


Witch #2

Clara is Carmen's sister. They came from great Britain where they started their coven years ago, but relocated to north america to find more suitable sacrifices for the dark lord. being one of the older witches, she watches over the younger ones to make sure everything is up to Carmen's standards.


Witch #3

Sakda came to Carmen’s coven after unsuccessfully leaving her hometown for a fancy career. While a loyal witch, there’s always a possibility of breaking away. For now though the excitement of the chase is what she lives for. 

Witch #4

Pretty and intelligent, Jade comes from a broken home and desperately has the desire to be apart of something bigger. She’s often guarded and emotional. She craves the attention of others and has a quiet nature about her. She joins the coven in hopes of being rewarded  with the child she desperately longs for.  

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